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# Project Status Priority Subject Assignee Updated Components Bug
78Lassopenhighmake assertValueIsValidNumber accessible anywhere for GameEntity:resize05/23/2016 12:03 AMlua libraryNo
77Lassopenmaximummake an object removal test helper functionnikki05/23/2016 12:00 AMlua testYes
75Lassopenhighfigure out how to handle assets from multiple projects in the gui editordecky05/20/2016 05:55 PMpython libraryNo
74Lassopenhighlass python library could use a wiki entrydecky05/19/2016 08:29 PMtrackerNo
66Lassopenhighfix python 3 traceback error in lasspm05/11/2016 04:37 PMscriptsYes
64Lassopenhighfix python 3 compatibility bug in "lasspm play" command05/11/2016 04:37 PMpython library, scriptsYes
49Lassopenlowconvert all files to use spaces instead of tabs04/16/2016 03:50 AMlua library, lua test, python libraryNo
37Lassopenhighallow saving scenes in editordecky05/19/2016 08:30 PMpython libraryNo
36Lassopenhighallow adding components in editor04/16/2016 03:47 AMpython libraryNo
35Lassopenlowfinish implementing AudioSource level methods04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua libraryNo
34Lassopenlowtest state getters / setters for AudioSource04/16/2016 03:49 AMlua testNo
33Lassopenhightest rectangle functions04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
32Lassopenhightest polygon functions04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
31Lassopenhightest circle functions04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
30Lassopenhightest vector rotation04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
29Lassopenhightest flattenedVector2Array04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
28Lassopenhighmake test modules reporting 0 tests run more noticable04/16/2016 03:52 AMlua library, lua testNo
21LassopenhighTest children of children in coretest.lua04/16/2016 03:47 AMlua testNo
20LassopenhighText in triangles Example Does Not Display Correctly04/16/2016 05:10 AMexamplesNo
19Lassopenlowcreate wiki entry for lass.stdext05/08/2016 07:57 PMtrackerNo

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